This interview page was made so Fernando and his fans could interact with eachother.
Fernando cares what his fans think and would like to answer any questions his fans have,
he replies personally to every fan e-mail he receives. If you have questions for Fernando e-mail him at Ferocious@FernandoVargas.com you can leave your name and city if you want and Fernando will have the question and answer and the fans name and city posted on this page.

Here are some questions some fans have asked Fernando in the past

Fan:  What are your thoughts and feelings before you enter the ring?

Fernando:  When I'm walking into the ring I think of all the bad things that have happened in my life so it can make me so mad! I get so mad that I want this guy to pay for them, like if he did them to me! It's crazy cause I feel ugly inside! It's Unexplainable! All I have are deadly thoughts! People say they can see it on my face!

Fan:  What goes through your mind during a fight?

Fernando:  It's crazy cause even with all that anger I can still think. I look to hurt this guy but at the same time I'm using my head, something that was very hard for me when I was young was to think when I was mad. I have been able to calm it down a lot but it's sometimes it gets hard.

Fan:   What do you like to do on your spare time?

I like to spend time with my son as much as i can! Im glad im able to be there for him! At the same time you can say im living my childhood through HIS eyes. Everything i didnt do because my father or should i say that fool who says hes my father was not there im doing with my son! I love to wrestle and roughhouse with him, and even play around and box with him, i got to say hes tough and has caught me a few times, and he hits hard! I know im going to hear from his Kindergarden teacher when he gets there! :) I also like to hang out with my boys and have fun when i can. Go out to a few clubs is always cool.

What are the ups and downs of being famous?

I like meeting my fans! Thats got to be the best for me! I never thought in my wildest dreams that i would be in the position i am today. Dont get me wrong, i never stop praying to god to get me here, but i got to say its still trips me out! With the good comes the bad, i hate it when i hear people say things about me that are totally false! I mean i look at it like this, if you meet me, and then you dont like me, COOL. Because you got a chance to meet me and you didnt like me. But i hate it when i hear people say what they heard! I mean i think those people should at least wait to meet me before they have an opinion about me! I think thats fair...

After Quartey, who would you like to fight next?

Right now the only person on my mind is IKE! No one else! I want to show people that i step up to the plate and wont duck anyone! I hear this alot from other fighters but all it is is talk! I prove it with my actions! I want to show ike that THIS Mexican isnt afraid and WILL fight! I got to represent for my people like a true Aztec Warrior! I dont see anyone else trying to show how a true Mexican with heart fights! (with the exception of the great Chavez)

How do you treat your fans differently than other fighters?

I have to say that till this date i have NEVER declined an autograph, nor will i! People forget that your fans make you! And even though there have been some times where im in a situation in which my hands are full and im in a hurry, i put my things down a take the time to sign it for my fan! It just takes a minute!

To your fans, how does hard work and dedication pay off?

I work harder now than i ever have before i won the title! Because i know theres alot of fighters out there that want to take it and i cant have that! Getting the title is easy, keeping it is hard part! I think thats what fighters should think!

Who did you look up to as a young fighter?

The great Chavez! No doubt! There is no Mexican or Mexican American fighter in this world today that has the Mexican people behind him like the great Chavez! I have so much respect for that man! Im a fan of the sport and i remember what Chavez did, not what hes doing right now so he will always be GREAT in my book...

What is your opinion on the De La Hoya/Coley Fight, and Trinidad/Reid?

I didnt feel De la Hoya looked like he was trying to make himself be heard again in that divison. I think he will always be hauted of his fight with Tito where he ran all night. I think alot of his fans where turned off by that and even lost them due to that fight! But oh well, some fighters like to run and others like to fight! In the fight with Tito and Reid, i honestly feel that Reid could of won that fight if he wouldnt of respected tito so much. But tito did great in putting on the pressure and getting off the ground to win his fight! I have my plate full right now, but i would LOVE to fight tito if everything goes good with Ike!

You are a young fighter, but do you have any goals or plans after you retire from boxing?

I would love to manage my boys "Terminal Maddness" and make them blow up! They have alot of talent and i feel they can go far! Im building a studio for them in my house in Oxnard so they can do there thing! When they ask me too i mess around and rap with them too. Its cool i have fun!